St. James House rehab coming along!!!

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // January 18, 2019

Things are starting to come together.  Cabinets, bathroom tile, doors and more have been installed.  Now waiting to put in new front windows, siding, and a lot more.  Hoping to have this house on the market in the next month.   Keep checking back to see updates.

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Rehab House

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // October 30, 2018

Well this is a first for us.  We were asked by a real estate agent to do a rehab on one of their houses.  They had seen our work on our previous houses and wanted to have us work on this house for them.  We were very excited about doing this for the first time.  […]

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Huntington House Sold!

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // October 1, 2018

Well we finally went to closing on this really pretty house.  It took a little longer than expected but we have sold it to a very nice, young couple who have a two year old and have been living in an apartment and now have this beautiful home to start the next phase of their […]

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Update on the Huntington House!

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // August 16, 2018

Well it is finished and ready to go on the market. It looks beautiful and hoping that we can find that perfect new homeowner. Stay tuned!

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Huntington House Under Renovation!!

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // August 16, 2018

We have started on our next project in Huntington and are very excited to see how this one comes out. It is alot of work and especially has quite a bit of cleanup just to get started. But we are on our way and hopefully not to long before we can put this newly renovated […]

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Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // August 16, 2018

This project our third was our biggest project to date. It took about three months and was a lot of work but the finished project is beautiful. It when on the market and we had an offer and contract in three weeks. We are so happy for the new owners and are now working on […]

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Smithtown house is on the market….

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // February 17, 2018

We are ready for our Open House. This has been a not to stressful project as the renovations went well and we finished in 10 weeks. Hoping to find that family who will enjoy this beautiful home and make there own memories in it.

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Next project almost ready.

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // January 14, 2018

 Our 3rd project is just about finished and ready to be put on the market.  It has so many updates and renovations that as soon as it is complete we will be updating photos to show all the things we have done to this house.

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Closing on House #3

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // November 1, 2017

House #2 – Sold!!!

Posted by Lloyd Goldstein // October 19, 2017

CAW!!! We are under contract on the sale of our second home renovation. This was a longer than expected process with a few ups and downs along the way but we are very happy about how the house came out and also that this is another family that is purchasing a home for the very […]

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